Acrylic Spun Yarn

Acrylic Spun Yarn
Product Code: Acrylic Spun Yarn
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  • High Bulk and Non Bulk Yarns
  • Raw White and Dyed Yarns
  • Single, Double and Multifold Yarns
  • Industrial Yarns       
  • Acrylic/Cotton Yarns 
  • Acrylic/Polyester Yarns
  • 100% Wool Worsted Spinning Yarns 
  • Polyester/Wool Worsted Spinning
  • Polypropylene Spun Yarns
  • Polyester Filament Yarns       
  • Rayon Filament Yarns
  • Nylon Filament Yarns
  • Acrylic Filament Yarns
  • Polypropylene Filament Yarns
  • Specialty Yarns    

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